Selling a Property

A contract of sale is a legally binding agreement between a seller and a buyer. It details the terms and conditions in which a seller agrees to transfer ownership of a property to a buyer. The contract is the core of protecting your rights as a vendor, which is why it’s advised that an experienced lawyer prepares this documentation.

Our Conveyancing fee covers the following:

  • Provide expert information and advice about the sale of your property
  • Prepare and review legal documentation for the property transaction
  • Ensure you are legally protected throughout the process, from sale to settlement
$540ex GST
Our Standard Conveyancing Fee

Standard Conveyancing

We will provide you with a breakdown of the contracts terms and highlight any areas of concern. You will have a clear understanding of your obligations as a buyer. 

$90ex GST
Per Round of Amendments
(capped at $300)


Potential buyers will sometime want to negotiate part of the contract of sale. Amendments can include a change in settlement date, adding or removing terms or conditions, or even asking for a term or condition to be rewritten to provide more clarity. We will manage these requests with your best interests in mind.

Third Party Fees

There are three main third party fees you should be aware of:

  1. Disbursements

Performing searches to obtain government and or other public authority certificates

  1. PEXA

Property Exchange Australia is the entity that manages all conveyancing transactions. PEXA pricing can be found here: PEXA pricing

  1. Bank Fees

Depending on your bank, there might be unforeseen fees. We always recommend you talk to your bank prior to the sale of your property.